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Birthday Blowout!
Public Party**
$300* 30 person max, 2 hours during public hours
Available 1-3pm or 2-4pm on Sundays
$400* 50 person max, 2 hours during public hours
Available until 5pm on Tuesday-Thursday and 4pm on Fridays

Public/Private Party**
$575* 65 person max, 1 hour public/1 hour private
Available 4-6pm on Tuesday-Thursday only

-Two hour use of Party Room
-Party Assistants
-Printable invitations from the Zimmer

Exclusive Extravaganza!
$875* 100 person max (Sundays only 10am-12pm)
$1500* 200 person max (Sundays only from 10am-12pm)
            Additional guests over 100 will be charged $75 for each group of up to 10 people. All guests are included in the count regardless of age.
-Everything listed above for Birthday Blowout
-Exclusive use of the entire museum
-3 dedicated party assistants
-One hour party set-up by Zimmer staff

-Solid Color Decor and Paper Goods - $200 and up (choice of green, orange, or both)
-Balloon Animals - $100 and up
-Facepainting - $150
-Glitter tattoos - $150 and up
-Baby Boogie (see below)- $150 and up
-Art room and project for up to 50 kids- $250
-Puppet show- $300
-Photo booth- $400


NEW! Baby Boogie Birthday Option:
Looking for a groovy way to celebrate your V.I.B's Birthday? Host a Zimmer Birthday and make it a Baby Boogie! Play a round of Baby Bottle Bowling, experience sensory stimulating textures, explore the world of bubbles, and more!!


Pinterest Birthday Ideas!
Need some inspiration for a Zimmer-tastic birthday party? Follow our Pinterest Birthday Ideas board to see some of our favorite ideas!




Book a birthday party now at your favorite place to play! Contact Dominic Fury at
(323) 761-8910 or email dominic@zimmermuseum.org

*Costs listed are for those at Membership Level. Annual Memberships start at $99.
**Seasonal times may vary.


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Monday-Thursday: 10am-5pm
Friday: 10am-4pm
Sunday: 12:30pm-5pm
VIB Hour (under 2 only):
Wed., 9am-10am
Members Only : Fri., 9am-10am
Saturday: CLOSED


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