Zimmer Children's Museum

the art of giving
April 25 - June 20, 2013

Opening Reception: Thursday, April 25, 6-9pm
6505 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, 90048
RSVP requested: arielle@zimmermuseum.org


“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.”
― Winston Churchill

This year the theme of the Zimmer’s show&tell exhibit is the “art of giving.”  For 9 years, a community of artists and humanitarians have been giving to show&tell. They give sculpture, paintings, photographs, mixed media masterpieces, and they give of themselves. These artists give generously and enthusiastically each year, donating art to benefit the Zimmer’s youth development program, youTHink.

The Zimmer Children’s Museum uses art and creativity to help young minds explore new ideas and develop their own. The Zimmer  empowers youth, through youTHink, to find their voice and make a positive impact on their communities. The Zimmer inspires young people to cultivate a social conscience and embrace their responsibility to help make the world a better place.

Every day in the Zimmer Children’s Museum, children give of their time, talent, and treasure. Through our youTHink lessons and leadership training, youth empower themselves to become active in the communal global issues that will shape their future.  At the Zimmer, we bring children and families from a diverse cultural community together for interactive purposeful play to explore shared values such as respect, compassion, rescue, tolerance and helping those in need- inspiring them with the power to give. This year’s theme of “the art of giving” allows our artists to explore and respond to the many ways we give to one another, through charity, volunteerism, support, advice, and love.

Participating Artists (in formation):

David Arky
Bill Aron
John Baldessari
Tanya Bernard
Melanie Borinstein
Bibi Davidson
Will Deutsch
Shari Elf
Danny First
Simone Gad
Matt Hanover
Michael Kalish
Jesse Kalisher

Sasha Karlova
Nancy Larrew
Daniele Matalon
Jan McCarthy
Burton Morris
Soraya Nazarian
Michele O'Marah
Steve Parent
Hanoch Piven
Darryl Pottorf
Adi Sidler

Lee Silton
Stanley Silver
Roderick Stevens
Lisa Swerling
Adele Sypesteyn
Moye Thompson
Belinda Vong
Ruth Weisberg
Leah Danberg and Merrill
Morrison, whyKnot in LA

Sponsors: Maxine & Arthur Barens, Anita Hirsh, Allison Wright & Andy Kaplan, Toby & Michael Kumin, Nathalie & Doug Kunin, Aliza & Mike Lesser, Carrie & Marc Lieberman, Jeannette & Mervyn Mandelbaum, Shula Nazarian, Terri & Michael Smooke, Devon Susholtz & Stephen Purvis

All of the proceeds from the exhibit and sale go to support the Zimmer's arts education initiative youTHink, which helps 3,500 students annually utilize the power of art to foster critical thinking about contemporary issues and empowers them to find and use their voices to take action for positive social change. youTHink’s School Services provide art/education lessons in California’s public schools, along with professional development opportunities for teachers. youTHink's Youth Services provide meaningful leadership and community involvement opportunities for middle and high school youth beyond the classroom.

For more info contact Arielle at (323) 761-8141 or arielle@zimmermuseum.org

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